The Rinks at Shelton presents skill clinics throughout the spring and summer seasons to help players reach their full potential.These clinics will provide valuable training and development opportunities for hockey players looking to enhance their skills in specific areas of the game. Clinics will cover various skills including puck control, shooting, and power skating. The clinics will be conducted by The Rinks at Shelton’s coaching staff as well as guest instructors from all over the region.

To learn more, please click here or call 203-926-2188

Rink Rats

Rink Rats is a premier Spring Hockey program hosted by The Rinks at Shelton. This spring hockey program provides additional training and playing opportunities for hockey players during the offseason to elevate their game.

The involvement of experienced coaches creates a positive learning environment as it indicates a commitment to high-quality coaching and player development. Players in elite programs often benefit from exposure to experienced coaches who can help them refine their skills and reach their full potential. Click here to learn more!

Girls Spring Hockey

The Rinks at Shelton will be hosting the largest Girls Spring League in the state, providing a fun and safe environment for recreational high school players to develop their skills. Here’s a summary of the key details:

League Focus: The Girls Spring League aims to cater to recreational high school players, allowing them to enhance their skills in a supportive setting.

Game Schedule: Games will be scheduled on weekends, providing players with an opportunity to participate without conflicting with weekday commitments.

Skill Clinics: A weekday skill clinic, led by one of the most respected girls coaches in the state, is also offered. This presents an additional opportunity for players to refine their abilities.

Registration: To register for the Girls Spring League or obtain more information, individuals can click on the provided link or contact The Rinks at Shelton directly at 203-926-2188.

This initiative not only promotes the growth of girls’ hockey but also emphasizes the importance of skill development and a supportive community. Interested players and parents are encouraged to reach out for further details and secure their spots in the league.

Spring Madness

The Spring Madness House Hockey League at The Rinks at Shelton is a fantastic opportunity for recreational hockey enthusiasts. Here’s a brief summary:

Program Overview: The Spring Madness House Hockey Program is a spring version of our house hockey program the “D League”, catering to players of various skill levels in a recreational setting.

Game Structure: Participants can expect to play ten games on the weekends, providing a consistent and enjoyable schedule. Additionally, the inclusion of playoffs adds a competitive element to the program.

Weekday Skills Clinics: To enhance the overall experience, participants have the option to add on various weekday skills clinics at a discounted rate. This presents an excellent opportunity for players to focus on skill development with additional training sessions.

For those interested in joining the Spring Madness House Hockey Program or adding on the weekday skills clinics, details on registration and pricing can be found by clicking here or by contacting The Rinks at Shelton directly. It’s a great way for hockey enthusiasts to stay active, improve their skills, and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition.

D-League Summer Skills & Games