Develop Your Hitting & Power Skills

Batter up! Featuring a variety of pitch speeds for softball, both arc and fast pitch, and baseball. SportsCenter of CT is your destination for premier baseball and softball batting cages. You’ll feel like you’re in your own stadium. Our batting cages are fun for all ages and skill levels. Reservations are not required, providing you the option of purchasing individual tokens or renting cages hourly.

Closed for the season

WE OFFER: Baseball at your choice of speed – ranging from 28 mph up to 75 mph Softball – Variable speeds from Slow Arc to Fast Pitch *Our batting cages are outdoors, subject to the weather elements. If the temperature outdoors is below 50 degrees or is raining, pitching machines may be inoperable. Please feel free to call us at 203.929.6500 ext. 0 to verify weather conditions.

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