Imagine traveling in a helicopter and suddenly, your helicopter has landed in the middle of the jungle. It’s nightfall with a level of fog surrounding. Your enemy is on the other side of the ridge. You quickly go to your team base camp and plan your strategy, out of the jungle.

Let the games begin.

Lazer Tag, the excitement and adrenaline commences from the minute you enter our state of the art facility. A video and audio briefing sets the mood and instructs you on how to play the game.

Lazer Tag, like no other. Located on the second floor of The Rinks at Shelton, this jungle fantasy setting is complete with trees, rock formations and many more surprises.

The perfect venue for:
Birthday Parties – Click here for more info, Outings, Corporate Team Building or Open Lazer Time (Open time varies please click on schedule in upper right corner).

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Group outings of 8 or more can be scheduled at any mutually convenient date/time.