Golf Driving Range

Driving Range – Rain or Shine – Even When it Snows!

Our heated, weather-protected and illuminated driving range allows you to enjoy golf all year round. It’s made us one of the premiere golf practice facilities in America!

Bring all your clubs

Our practice range was uniquely designed with the look and feel of a golf course. Its layout of elevated greens and targets actually simulate course conditions. Pull out your driver and hit for distance and accuracy, or work on pitching and approach shots with your irons

Come here often?

Join our complimentary frequent golfer club to earn free buckets of balls. Or, you can purchase a Value Key and enjoy incredible savings. These electronic keys conveniently fit on your key chain and are pre-programmed with multiple buckets of balls. It’s the smart, convenient and cost-efficient way to buy golf balls.

Our 60 stations double-decker golf practice range is heated and weather protected..

What does weather protected mean?

The protection of the roof and the warmth of space age heaters at each of our hitting stations allows golfers to practice year round, no matter what the elements: rain, shine — even snow.

How do you pick up the golf balls in the snow?

We don’t. We have to wait until the snow melts — but you can still play.  How?

We place 150,000 new golf balls into service every spring. Last year’s balls are placed in a large storage facility. We now have over 1,000,000 golf balls, so we can withstand months of snow without having to collect. That’s why believe we are the only range in Connecticut that can be open 365 days/nights in rain-shine, even snow.

Want to improve your game?

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